If you ask the people that know Jess Robinson, they’ll tell you he’s a bounty hunter. But to Jess, he’s a hunter, and he doesn’t ever let his prey get away.

For several years, he’s been traveling the west, searching for his sister’s killer. Finally, he finds his way to the hometown of the man, Lightning Creek.

Soon after he arrives, the town council approaches him with a win-win scenario: become town marshal, and they would allow him to take the killer without any fuss. It seems easy enough. But, what he finds is himself right in the middle of a diabolical plot of a powerful cattle baron.

And what’s worse, the man who he’s been chasing this entire time may not be the killer at all! Follow Jess on his adventure of wit, daring, twists, turns, as Jess seeks to become the embodiment of what it means to exact western justice.

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Meat in Due Season