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Dr. Victor A. Kennedy, Ph.D. (Doctor of Theology and Philosophy), serves as one of the pastors in the Assemblies of Jesus Christ Ministries. He has been a member and minister there for nearly 25 years. He spent 11 years conducting weekly services at the Juvenile Detention Center in Rockville, Maryland, while serving as a police officer, and detective with the Montgomery County, Maryland Police Department. He served on the Montgomery County Police Department for 29 years, and retired in 2012. He was an investigator for 18 years in the Family Crimes Division-Missing Children’s Section, and handled over 8000 missing children cases. He has always viewed his role in locating missing children as a direct parallel to his ministry; finding and recovering the lost.


Dr. Kennedy was privileged to represent the United States in international powerlifting competition. He was a 3-time Drug-Free National Powerlifting Champion (1989, 1991, 1992). He is a former American Record holder in the squat at 944 pounds. He often uses the challenges of lifting heavy weights, to illustrate spiritual lessons of life. In other words; No pain…No gain, or “You can’t quit halfway through the lift.”


Dr. Kennedy began sending out devotional text messages in 2015, as an encouragement to some of the church members. The 10 to 15 weekly recipients, quickly grew to over 100, and not long after, to over 200. The text message devotional ministry, opened the door for him to write this devotional book, Meat in Due Season. He stresses the main tenants of Jesus Christ’s amazing love and forgiveness for us. He frequently makes the point to forgive everyone for everything. The benchmark scripture that Dr. Kennedy weaves into his personal life, and writing is Mark 11:25-26, where Jesus says, if we do not forgive, we are not forgiven. Dr. Kennedy makes this a clear theme in his writing, teaching, and preaching.


He is a lifelong Maryland resident, and sincerely desires that all readers are strengthened and encouraged by this book.

Article from Dr. Kennedy’s Powerlifting Days.

There was some good lifting yesterday at the 10th Clearfield Open in Pennsylvania. This was an ADFPA (American Drug-Free Powerlifting Association) meet. As a smaller meet the results won’t be in Powerlifting USA for some months, but there were at least two performances as good as any in a national meet and I thought there might be some interest.

In the 242 lb class Chris Siapanides, last year’s U.S. and world champion in the 220 lb class,made a massive 1963 lb total including a 772 lb squat and in the superheavy class Vic Kennedy made a 944 lb squat (the heaviest ever made in ADFPA lifting) and a 2100+ total.

The judging was strict, but consistent, with several international referees present and, if anything, the weights were probably a little heavy with 100 lb plates rounded down to 45Kg, etc. The poundages I quoted were those announced, I didn’t see the official results.

Down closer to mere mortals, Mark Girton made a nice over 1700 lb total in the 220’s and Pat Cunningham and I were each around 1700 in the 242’s behind Siapanides. I wasn’t there for the ladies/lighter lifters on Saturday.

-Phil Andrews

Meat in Due Season